Terms & Conditions

The confidentiality policy of FORKLIFTMARKET.EU defines how uses information and how you, the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU user, can protect your confidentiality. By using FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services, you entrust us with your information. This confidentiality policy has been developed to help users understand what information we collect, why we do this, and how we use it. This policy is very important, therefore we hope that you will devote some time to carefully reading this document. Information management, as well as confidentiality and security protection options are available in the “User Profile” section. Information provided by you is used to show you the most suitable advertisements, help you to contact people, and provide faster and simpler sharing with others.   

1. Collected information

1.1 Personal information

When registering, you must provide information about yourself: 
1.1.1. Name 
1.1.2. Surname 
1.1.3. Company name         
1.1.4. Company information        
The information we receive when you use our services. We collect information on what services you use and how you use them. This collection applies to the information below.

1.2 Internet Protocol address

FORKLIFTMARKET.EU collects information linked with your login: 
1.2.1. Login IP address 
1.2.2. Login date and time

1.3. Location information

When you use FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services, we can`t collect and process information on your physical location. 

1.4 Payment information

When you make a payment for FORKLIFTMARKET.EU servicesFORKLIFTMARKET.EU can collect and process information on your bank account, banking institution, phone number and PayPal account. 

1.5   Cookies and similar technology

When you visit an FORKLIFTMARKET.EU service, we (and our partners) use various information collection and storage technologies which can include using cookies or similar technologies for identifying your browser or device. FORKLIFTMARKET.EU uses these technologies to collect and store information for the purpose of directing advertising.

2. Use of collected information

The information which FORKLIFTMARKET.EU collects from all FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services is used to provide, maintain, secure and improve current services; to develop new services; and for the security of FORKLIFTMARKET.EU users. For all FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services where an FORKLIFTMARKET.EU account is required, FORKLIFTMARKET.EU can use the name, surname and user contacts the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU user provided when registering their FORKLIFTMARKET.EU profile. 

When you contact FORKLIFTMARKET.EU, your correspondence is saved to help us solve any problems you may come across. We can use your email address to inform you of our services: for example, to let you know of any future changes or improvements. 

The information which FORKLIFTMARKET.EU collects using cookies and other technologies is used to improve user experience (for example, if you save your language preferences, you will be able to use our services in your chosen language) and general service quality. 
When showing users personalised advertisements, identifiers from cookies or similar technologies are not linked with sensitive categories such as race, religious views, sexual orientation or health condition. 

3. Transparency and choice

FORKLIFTMARKET.EU goal is to clearly state what information is collected by FORKLIFTMARKET.EU, so that the user can make a considered choice on the use of their collected information. You can choose to take the further actions mentioned below. 
Using the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU profile overview, you can review and control certain information linked with your FORKLIFTMARKET.EU account

4. Access to and updating personal information

Regardless of when you use our services, FORKLIFTMARKET.EU goal is to provide its users access to their personal information. If this information is incorrect, we try to update or delete it quickly. IFORKLIFTMARKET.EU goal is to provide its services in such a way as to protect information from accidental or malicious deletion. 

FORKLIFTMARKET.EU and users’ shared information

4.1. You agree that all data provided by you is used for data processing in the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU database
4.2. In the “User Profile” section you have the choice to refuse data processing. 
4.3. Your data will be saved while you use FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services

4.4. You have the right to edit and delete your data. 
4.5. FORKLIFTMARKET.EU promises to delete at your request any natural person’s data that you have provided. 

5. Procedure for deleting and renewing personal information

Users’ personal data can be deleted in the following cases: 
5.1. The user has the right to delete their own personal data by deleting their profile in the “User Profile” section; access to the profile will be blocked and information about the user will be deleted from the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU servers. 
5.2. Based on the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU portal conditions for use, FORKLIFTMARKET.EU can delete a user’s personal data by deleting the profile, after which point information about the user will be deleted from the INBOX servers. 

6. FORKLIFTMARKET.EU measures for ensuring the security of personal information

FORKLIFTMARKET.EUtakes the following steps to secure the FORKLIFTMARKET.EU business and its users against unsanctioned access to the information held by FORKLIFTMARKET.EU, its modification, publication or deletion. 

6.1 The following measures are being taken:

6.1.1. Encryption using a standard SSL. 
6.1.2. To access their FORKLIFTMARKET.EU account, users are offered two-step verification. 
6.1.3. To avoid unauthorised access to the system, FORKLIFTMARKET.EU supervises the collected information, its storage and processing, including physical security measures. 
6.1.4. Access to personal information can only be gained by FORKLIFTMARKET.EU employees; those who perform work for us; and representatives who must know this information to process it at our request, who must comply with strict contractual confidentiality requirements, and who can receive a disciplinary fine or be discharged from their duties if they do not comply with these requirements.  

7. Services to which this confidentiality policy applies

The FORKLIFTMARKET.EU confidentiality policy applies to all services offered by FORKLIFTMARKET.EU; however the policy does not apply to those services with a separate confidentiality policy which is not reflected in this confidentiality policy. 
The FORKLIFTMARKET.EU confidentiality policy does not apply to services offered by other businesses or natural persons, including products or sites which may include FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services, or other sites linked with FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services.The FORKLIFTMARKET.EU confidentiality policy does not apply to procedures implemented by other businesses or organisations who advertise FORKLIFTMARKET.EU services and who can use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to send and offer suitable advertisements.

8. Adherence to the policy and cooperation with regulatory institutions

FORKLIFTMARKET.EU regularly reviews its compliance with this confidentiality policy. On receiving an official written complaint or request for support, we contact the submitter to decide on any further actions. To investigate any complaints regarding transfer of personal information which we cannot solve directly with the person involved, FORKLIFTMARKET.EU cooperates with the applicable regulatory institutions including local data protection institutions.

9. Changes

This confidentiality policy may change from time to time. FORKLIFTMARKET.EU does not restrict the rights of users in accordance with this confidentiality policy without the user’s explicit permission. All changes to the confidentiality policy will be published on this page and, if they are significant, a special notification will be sent (including those regarding specific services, notifications on changes to the confidentiality policy will be sent by email.)


Website idea

This website is for the professionals of the forklifts market.
The main idea is to gather information about forklifts in Europe.
The shortest technique delivery term to customers is available only in this case.
We hope to attract both large and small European companies to advertise here.
Professionals put all the advertisements for free!
This website provides extremely detailed information about the proposed technique so you have an opportunity to use an exceptionally convenient selection according to the different technical parameters.

Bonuses and prizes

If you have a lot of forklifts, you can get bonuses for being active in placing ads.
For every 100 th forklift ad posted on this website we offer you 25 points to your account.

Website support for professionals

Your ad is going to be published in two prices. One price is for the open market on the internet. The other one is for professionals (registered users) for reselling forklifts to their own customers.
Forum is also designed just for professionals. Here you can exchange information on technical problems, repair issues, selection of spare parts, etc.
The auction is only for registered professionals. The creator of auction sees the proposed selling prices, while other participants just see the amount of participants.
Only in this website all proposed technique is provided with extremely detailed information. Therefore there is an exceptionally convenient searching selection according to the different technical parameters. 

There You can publish ads about different forklift parts, ( "USED PARTS & ASSAMBLIES" ), about good condition used masts, engines, transmissions, chargers, electronic parts, fuel and hydraulic pumpes....

There You can publish and search ads ( "Looking for" ) , for example: you need used engine, used mast, electronic plate. Maybe your colleague has free this part for sale. 


Dealers’ ads

Commercial ads are presented by the market professionals for commercial purposes. 
Representatives of companies have their own account. They have to follow the expiry date of the ads and immediately delete the ad if the entity is sold.
Ad validity is two months from the date the ad was created. You only need to renew the extension of the ad term if needed. 
All ads are written in lowercase letters in normal font. While placing ads you must follow the classification and be sure to note all the proposed technical parameters. 
The company or the person who posts the information in this website is responsible for the correctness of the information that is posted.
Website administration is not responsible for the information placed in the ads.
Website administration keeps right in its discretion to delete these ads which do not comply with the spirit and the rules of this web page.

Advertisement description

The ad must contain information only about the offered product.
One ad may publish only one object.
It is prohibited to place multiple ads on the same subject at the same time.
Photos in the ad must depict offered objects.
Users are responsible for the provided information (including the price of products or services) accuracy and relevance to reality.
It is forbidden to use photographs and (or) footage which is taken from other website without copyright.
It is forbidden to copy ad text from other websites and present that text in your advertisements, because it may breach copyrighting.
It is forbidden to upload links that leads to other websites, unless it is a direct (main) company webpage.
It is forbidden to upload ads that are unrealistic and offers do not comply with reality.
The products that are introduced in the ads are found by the search classification. So it is very important to note all the characteristics of the product while entering an ad.
The date the ad was published is less important, because the product search performs according to the detail classification.
Entering correct and precise product classification ensures more convenient search and that increases the possibility of selling.


Ad must contain information only about the proposed technique and only in the relevant rubric. If you mistakenly have stored a product in an unsuitable rubric, please remove that ad and enter a new ad correctly. Please avoid duplication of products that are already offered.

Participation in the forum

This website gives you an opportunity to communicate with colleagues and consult on the fault codes, technical problems, catalogs and drawings search, repair advices, etc. Use it actively, because it is a free gift to you from the webpage.


Company and (or) company’s representative who placed an ad is responsible for the ad content . This website provides an opportunity to advertise a specific technique in specific rubrics for free, but the website is not responsible for the ad content and correctness of the ad.
Company and (or) company’s representative who placed an ad is responsible for any loss sustained by purchasing incorrectly described products or in the absence of opportunity to purchase the product (for example when the product is already sold).
Website administration reserves the right to change, edit or add something to the rules at any time. About the most important changes, corrections or additions the users who are registered on this portal will be informed to the registration e-mail.

E-mail and registration details

Companies must provide a valid e-mail address, existing company name and the person responsible for the ad placement.


While registering user agrees with the following rules and confirms that he gives the administration the right to send him commercial offers and informative messages.
These newsletters are very important for the user to know the changes of ad placement rules and to receive the latest promotions firstly


For paid or free advertising go to the section "ADVERTISING"

General provisions

While registering on this website you agree with binding rules as well as you confirm that:
• You have all rights to the offered product.
• All information used in an ad is legal.
• YAdvertisements must not contain content that is protected under copyrights and need the consent of the author.
• You assume all the responsibility on possible claims and requirements of third parties related to your ads.
• If you order any paid service here you will pay off with website administration fully and on time.


Free ad placing

All ads can be placed for free. We are concerned that this portal would submit all the forklifts that are currently in Europe.
We will present your address and contacts, your product information for free, just under the condition that you will comply with ad placement rules.
Using the detailed technical search and very exact classification you have the ability to find and see all the ads.
Forklifts market professionals are invited to actively advertise their products which they offer.

PAID SERVICES to increase your sales

All payments must be done in advance.
For each paid service, you have to make a payment using your bank account to this website and then you gain the right to use this money for advertising campaigns at once or in part.
The firm fills its account for the amount of money that it wants.
The minimal amount of transferring is 100-300 Euro!

Highlight Ads

While classifying stuff we offer you the opportunity to exclude your specific product in exclusive font -put forward:
Ad price 25 points / 1 month.


Advertising by banners

You can present your company by different size banners. For example:

Costs of the banner 630 mm x 90 mm with an active link to your company web site
  250 points / 1 month  or  350 points / 2 month 

Costs of the banner 300 mm x 250 mm with an active link to your company web site 
 350 points / 1 month or  500 points / 2 month

Banner 120 mm x 240 mm (not the first page) with an active link to your company web site costs
 150 points / 1 month or  250 points / 2 month

For other banners and their prices please contact website administration.


Auction announcer reserves the money at his bank account and guarantees that at the end of the auction he will pay 4% charge of the last sale price to this web page.
After auction is finished, he immediately has to transfer 4% charge of the last sale price to this web page administration for the organization of the auction.
Auction announcer can always see the offered prices for the product.
Auction announcer must be the registered company manager or authorized employee. 
By participating in the auction you guarantee that you are really going to buy a product if you win the auction.

Running line

If you want to introduce a new product or simply activate your sales you can order your ad to be in the running line on the first page of the website.
Costs of the highlighting of the offered product
 100 points / 5 days

The number of participants here is strictly limited for one day.

Manufacturer news

Market professionals should always be active in presenting manufacturers technical news. Manufacturers’ dealers may publish certain ads on web page. If you manufacture forklifts or any additional equipment such as batteries, tires, and similar staff, this rubric is just for you. A manufacturer's advertisement on the website costs  600 points / 1 month or 900 points / 2 month. There may also be added Ads about exhibitions, market news.

For any other questions and ideas please contact website administration.